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Re: Woody installation on IBM 44P-170 - Success & boot-floppies/debian-installer

On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 18:11, Rolf Brudeseth wrote:
> Well, I was finally able to get Woody installed on an IBM 44P-170 (Power3)
> system.


> I can document the steps if there is an interest. I booted via BOOTP/tftp,
> downloaded the kernel, basedebs.tar and driver.tgz with wget, and got the
> rest with dselect/apt.

Yes, please.  Could you put your work up on a web page somewhere?  

> I do not think that 'boot-floppies' would have to be modified much to work
> properly; however, since 'debian-installer' is what will ship on the next
> release I will see where I can help out there.

I'd like to see what modifications you had to make to boot-floppies

By the way, I've just started porting debian-installer to powerpc.  I'd
love to have your help.  The main things that will need modification for
IBM boxen are in debian-installer/tools/yaboot-installer/.

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