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Re: Sound on a PowerBook

On Wed, 2002-07-24 at 02:22, Greg Howland wrote:
> Hi, I saw a post of yours in the Debian-PowerPC
> archives and thought you could help me with getting
> sound on my PowerBook. The archives stated the
> solution was to get dmaaudio-pmac, run modconf and
> install the modules, then adduser username audio to
> give yourself access to the device.

That sound about right.  except it is dmasound_pmac
> My quesion is, is dmaaudio-pmac a package I can
> download with apt-get? Or, is there something
> more involved I have to do?
> Greg

If you have a stock debian kernel, then it should be one of the modules
that came with it.

try:  modprobe dmasound_pmac, then lsmod.

dmasound_pmac          47056   2 
dmasound_core          13512   2  [dmasound_pmac]
soundcore               4520   3  [dmasound_core]

I am running a 2.4 kernel and there is a possibility that the module was
called dmaaudio_pmac in 2.2, its pretty easy to find out.  look at:
modprobe -l

If you have built your own kernel, be sure that you are using the benh
kernel sources:

Ben's tree @

There, the option is:

<M>   PowerMac DMA sound support

in the sound section, or:


in the .config (You chould base your .config on the debian default which
is in /boot/config-2.2.20-newpmac. I am not sure / can't remember what
happens when you take a config from a 2.2 kernel and use it in a 2.4
kernel. It should be OK.

David Stanaway

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