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Re: install onto a 7500

"Chris Tillman" <tillman@voicetrak.com> writes:

> Instead of rescue.bin, you need hfs-boot-floppy.img. It's all in the manual.

Yeah, thanks, I figured that out via trial and error. In case anybody
ends up in the same situation I was in (I didn't have a full MacOS to
use that image from), you can copy that to hard disk, then boot off
the MacOS system CD, use the disk tool to make the floppy image, and
then boot off that floppy. 

But, that said, that information is _not_ in the manual, at least not
the one that comes on the binary-1 disk:

[09:50:52] </mnt/cdrom/doc/install> ## grep hfs *
[09:52:47] </mnt/cdrom/doc/install> ##

If the powerpc manual actually said to use that disk for OldWorld
Macs, that would probably be a Good Thing; as it is, it only
references rescue.bin. Same goes for the manuals I found on the web,
although obviously I can't show you the grep output for those. 

If there is a place in the documentation where that disk image is
referenced by name, I'd appreciate it if you could point it out -- I'd
like to see what I missed.

Thanks for the advice...

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