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install onto a 7500

I have a bastard 7500 (it's running a 166 604e card out of an 8600)
that I'm trying to get Debian installed on. This machine has run
PowerPC Linux and SUSE in the past, so I know it's possible, and I've
been running Debian on x86s for several years now, so I'm generally
familiar with Debian installs.

But I can't seem to boot into the damn installer.

I downloaded the 2.2r7 powerpc binary #1 disk (about 2 hours before
the 3.0 release announcement... 8^/=) and burned a CD. I can't boot
from that, even though I can mount it under both Linux and MacOS.

I grabbed rescue.bin and root.bin and made floppies. I can't boot from
rescue.bin -- the system just spits the disk back out and continues on
with the boot process.

Can anybody give me any insight on how to get this thing into the
installer? I think I'll be okay after that...

Other information that might affect what advice you give me:

Disk space is pretty limited on this box, so the MacOS install is
very, very small -- it's basically a minimal system folder and
BootX. So, a solution that didn't involve lots of mucking about under
MacOS would be better.

Oh, and I'm not sure exactly what the rev is, but the Open Firmware in
this box is scary-mad buggy, so I'd rather not screw with it too much

thanks in advance for any help...

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  - Paul Revere.  Civilian encryption in 1775.

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