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Corrupt apt installed list

I am guessing I have a corrupt package list of installed packages  I 
have in my source.list the prople non-free and I  still can not retrieve
the j2* files  plus I  can not do any instalation or removal of any
thing becuase it is tryig to install scannerdaemon even after I have
repataly told it not to install... 

packages marked for deletion ... 


apt-get remove wants to install scannerdaemon and I  want to remove it..
I can not do any thing. 

I followed the instructions.. on 


eb file containing packages comprising the Java 2 RE 
        - Choose one of our mirrors 
        - Become root 
                % su 
        - Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list 
          deb ftp://<mirror>/<path-to-java-directory>/debian <dist>
          (replace <dist> with potato or woody) 
        - The standard Debian package management tools 
          (apt-get/dselect) now should be able to find and install 
          Blackdown Java-Linux packages 
        - The Debian packages automatically enable the Java Plug-In for 
          Netscape/Mozilla if these have been installed from Debian 
          packages.  If you want to enable the Java Plug-In for manually
          installed versions of Netscape/Mozilla please read the Java 
          Plug-In instructions below 

But it does not work..hmmmm I am rather perplexed. 


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