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Re: Woody, only Woody

On  18 Jul, this message from Matteo echoed through cyberspace:
> I ha ve apowerpc 7300, old World.
> I don't understand a thing. Can I use Linux without using a Mac OS partion?
> I 'm reading vaious paper saying that the only way is to use BootX.
> Can quik help me? How?

quik can not help you, but the Gods of quik can :-))

Seriously, though, quik is your solution. The problem is that quik is a
weird beast of software.

It should not be _too_ difficult on the 7300, though. You will either
need a good multisync monitor that syncs on OF's weird video mode
(something completely non-standard due to OF bugs), or a serial terminal
so you can point OF to the serial port.

Also, if you want to correct OF's video mode, have a look at my site
(see .sig); I have a patch up for the OF 'control' driver.



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