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RE: Modems on PowerBook 3400

>I don't get your meaning here?  When I look at the output, its just a 
>bunch of memory ranges?  What is meant by "on the same PCI bus" ? 
>And what is meant by "pick a range that is not used by anybody?"  The 
>3400 lists PCI CardBus #1 & #5 at 80000000-807fffff and the TiBook 
>says CardBus #2 is at 90000000-90ffffff, yet both seem to work if I 
>pick 90000000-90ffffff as the memory range fed to cardmgr.  I'm 
>genuinely curious about whats going on here, as it all seems like a 
>bunch of unrelated numbers. Isn't the 90xxx ranged "used" if it is 
>listed in /proc/iomem?  What does "used" mean in this context?

Copy your /proc/iomem here and I'll explain

>>Though I would have expected orinoco to only need an IO range...
>Oh, that's entirely possible, I did change that as well, based on 
>what I could find in emails.  It's all magic anyway.  Maybe the IO 
>range is all that matters and the memory thing is getting ignored.  I 
>was just typing in random numbers from emails until something worked.


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