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RE: Modems on PowerBook 3400

At 1:42 AM +0200 7/17/02, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
 >For what it is worth I just installed an Orinoco card in my old 3400
and nothing PCMCIA would talk to me until I used the 0x90000000 range.

There is a rule to pick those ranges. With a recent kernel
(>=2.4.18), do

cat /proc/iomem

Hmmm... Seems to work with your 2.4.17 on the TiBook as well. The 3400 is running your 2.4.19rc1, since 2.4.18 from debian produced kernel oops accessing the network. (you had responded to somebody with a similar oops a while back, so that's why I updated)

There, pick a range that is on the same PCI bus as the PCMCIA
controller and that is not used by anybody (including the PCMCIA)

I don't get your meaning here? When I look at the output, its just a bunch of memory ranges? What is meant by "on the same PCI bus" ? And what is meant by "pick a range that is not used by anybody?" The 3400 lists PCI CardBus #1 & #5 at 80000000-807fffff and the TiBook says CardBus #2 is at 90000000-90ffffff, yet both seem to work if I pick 90000000-90ffffff as the memory range fed to cardmgr. I'm genuinely curious about whats going on here, as it all seems like a bunch of unrelated numbers. Isn't the 90xxx ranged "used" if it is listed in /proc/iomem? What does "used" mean in this context?

Though I would have expected orinoco to only need an IO range...

Oh, that's entirely possible, I did change that as well, based on what I could find in emails. It's all magic anyway. Maybe the IO range is all that matters and the memory thing is getting ignored. I was just typing in random numbers from emails until something worked.

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