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ModeLine for 667 TiBook

Using the fb, X works fine, but I'm not satisfied ;)

Using the ati driver, X starts, but the display is all gobbeldy-gooked up.  
Here's my 1280x854 Modeline

Mode "1280x854"
	DotClock	80
	HTimings	1280 1309 1460 1636
	VTimings	854 857 864 896
	Flags		"+Hsync" "+Vsync"

The familar X cursor and background are visible, but not enough to be useful.

Can someone tell me their Modeline, or better yet, show me the air from which 
these numbers are fetched?  Simply telling it to use 1024x768 results in 
similarly disfigured output.

Cory 'G' Watson
Hack, lest ye rust.

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