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Re: Network Install won't connect

As for me, nothing much, sorry ! I was going to suggest doing what you've
just done, so if it doesn't work I am quite puzzled, especially since it
worked on the MacOs. One caveat though : it is likely that the IP address
that it gives to your RedHat machine is linked (by your provider) to the
Ethernet address of that machine, and this address *will be different* on
the Debian machine. In fact that's the reason why I suggested earlier to
reboot under MacOs and gather a correct set of addresses : then you're
sure not to have the problem since it is the same Ethernet board. By the
way, it should be possible to fake the Ethernet address (using ifconfig)
if it proved necessary.

Still, if that doesn't work, you could try to setup (if your cabling
permits) a LAN between the Red Hat machine, with static addresses,
hostnames, etc. In fact that's basically my own setup, since I use a
Titanium with MacOs X to connect to the ADSL (USB) modem and a PowerBook
G3 with Linux connected to the Ti through Ethernet, so if you take this
route I could give you the local addresses and the whole setup. However
this is a bit more complex. OTOH, if you intend to do IP masquerading,
that's a big part of what you'll have to do anyway.

Be sure to tell us how it goes !

Good luck,


Reçu de Colin Foran le 13/07/02 à 17:36

>Well i've tried a new method of manually configureing the network during
>installation, using only numbers i know to be good. (from this machine,
>bothing use
>the same modem, etc) and that just gets me to the same spot i was before. Im
>willing to try get myself to believe that this is one of my own mistakes
>though, so
>i'll try it a few more times. Anyone else have anything come to them in
>the last
>few days?

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