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Re: Network Install won't connect

Laurent Steffan wrote:
> I see two ways out of this : 
> 1) you can reboot your Linux machine, note all initialization performed
> ...
> 2) or, you can reboot with Mac OS 9, go to the TCP/IP Control Panel, note
> ...

Assuming that the ifconfig output is at least partially correct, it might
be worth trying to set the correct routes by hand doing some guess-work as
to the correct gateway.

Try deleting the existing route via 

	'route del default', 
	'route del -net netmask eth0' 

(netmask and device might not be necessary in this, but I'm not sure) and
adding a route for your network via

	'route add -net netmask eth0'.

After that, try whether you can ping which *probably* is the
correct gateway for your network. If that works, add that gateway via

	'route add default gw'

and see whether this sets you up. If it doesn't or if the ping didn't work
in the first place, you're left with the options suggested by Laurent.



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