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Re: Network Install won't connect


> > Destination        Gateway        Genmask        Flags        Metric
> > Ref        Use        IFace
> >            *                    blah                U
> > blah        blah        blah        eth0
> > default      
> > UG                                                     eth0
> I am no networking guru, but I think that Gateway IP # and the 
> Destination IP # should be the same.  

Nope. The above out put basically means that every network address in the
range to (assuming 'blah' under netmask is
really '') is on your local network, so you can just put an
address sticker on everything you want to send there, throw it out and the
recipient will pick it up.

For everything *not* in this range of IP-addresses (btw, your own *is* in
that range, isn't it?), the above tells Linux to send it to the host, which acts as a gateway between your 'local' net and every
other network and should know what to do with the received packets,
i.e. forward them to their final destination. This should most definitely
*not* be your own machine.

Hope this helps some and good luck,


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