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Re: Network Install won't connect

Hi Colin,

> Yes, i do. i was just about to sent you an email saying no, but after about 2
> 1/2 minutes the second line showed up.

That was because route tried to lookup your gateways name and
failed. 'route -n' should be faster.

> Destination        Gateway        Genmask        Flags        Metric
> Ref        Use        IFace
>            *                    blah                U
> blah        blah        blah        eth0
> default      
> UG                                                     eth0

Can you ping

If you post the full output of '/sbin/ifconfig eth0' and '/sbin/route -n'
we might find a solution.

If you have networking up and running under MacOS, can you access the
network parameters there and compare the gateway addresses? (Sorry, don't
know where to find these in MacOs, but I'm sure they're there.)

Regards and good luck,


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