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Re: Network Install won't connect

On   9 Jul, this message from Colin Foran echoed through cyberspace:
> One of my devout mac friends brought up an interesting point. the PRAM batterie on
> this machine is shot, could that somehow be corrupting my scsi cdrom reads?

No. The empty PROM battery will make your hardware clock reset to
strange times, and eventually will prevent the box from starting up. But
that's it...

> none
> of the errors seem consistant with each other. ill get an incurable media error at
> one sectore one attempt, then not at the same spot at a latter attempt, it kind of
> leads me to believe that hes right.


Have you checked a known-good CD in your drive? Does it work under
MacOS? If so, it could _still_ be a SCSI cabling problem; its not
guaranteed that MacOS drives the SCSI bus at the same speed as Linux



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