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Re: Powermac 9500 won't recognize rescue floppy

On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 12:21:10PM -0400, Colin Foran wrote:
> Hey guys. I've downloaded all of the floppy images for booting my 9500
> into the installer, but whenever I boot with the rescue disk in the
> floppy drive, it simply gets spit out. If I insert the disk into the
> system while running MacOS 9.1, it gives me a "Filesystem not
> recongnized, would you like to format" dialog box.
> Does anyone have any ideas? I've got about 5 usenet posts running, no
> one seems to have heard of this before.
> Greatly appreciate any help !

I suspect you're trying to boot the wrong floppy. It's been a
while since I've done an oldworld floppy boot, but I suspect
that the "rescue disk" is actually a root filesystem, not a
bootable disk. The last time I booted my 7600 into Linux from
a floppy, I had to put the kernel (in COFF format, vmlinux.coff)
on an HFS floppy, then tell Open Firmware to boot fd:vmlinux.coff
either using Boot Variables or by actually using the OF prompt.
It might have changed, but I suspect this is at least part
of your problem. You don't say much about how you are trying to
boot, but I suspect you're missing a step somewhere. The Apple
ROM will only allow booting from disks that the MacOS can read,
and it doesn't sound like you've reconfigured the firmware to
boot from anything other than the ROM.

	Brad Boyer

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