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Re: modem on the new ibook2

vinai wrote:

On Fri, 5 Jul 2002, Robbie Pickering wrote:

did someone write that earlier ibook2s have a real modem in them
instead of the softmodem? if i didn't dream that, how can one tell?

I think (and I have nothing to go on, except for my-own-you-should-not-
trust-your-life-with-memory :) that the very first version of the ibook2
(400 and 500 MHz G3 with a 66 MHz system bus) _DID_ have full hardware
modems.  It was the revision after that (500 and 600 MHz, with a 100 MHz
bus) in which Apple changed to the conexant "soft" modem.

Can anyone confirm or refute this ?

The first ibook2 had serial buses, dedicated only to the (hard)modem. On the latest ibook2 they decided to remove serial buses for price reduction, and replaced the old serial modem
with a new usb-modem.


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