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Re: PowerPC frequency

On Thu, 4 Jul 2002, FASSINO Jean-Philippe FTRD/DTL/GRE wrote:

> I bought the new PowerBook 800Mhz and i see that Linux detect only
> 667Mhz (seen in /proc/cpuinfo and in
> /proc/device-tree/cpus/PowerPC,G4/clock-frequency)
> whereas MacOS X see 800Mhz.
> Does someone see that before ?
> Is it a Linux problem or is it a Apple which not give me correct
> powerbook ?
> In the second case, why MacOS X say 800Mhz ?

I have a G3 upgraded 8500.  The CPU runs at 375 MHz, where /proc/cpuinfo
says 195 MHz, which I think no publicly released G3 ever ran at.  In Mac
OS, various utilities tell me 375 MHz, and performance under Linux is at
or around that speed.  Another indicator is the "Bogomips" value - which
for the PowerPC CPUs is about 2 x the clock speed. My /proc/cpuinfo says
it's 748, which is a little less the 2 x 375, so yours _SHOULD_ say 1600
or thereabouts ...


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