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Re: modem on the new ibook2

>> > What's the developing status of the modem driver for the newest ibook2?
>> Won't happen.
>	And what about the rumour about binary-only modules? I'd
>	appreciate anything about the modem, even if it is a
>	binary-only module.
>	Of course, an open-source driver would be the best thing, by
>	far.

I've been working with Marc Boucher (who is doing the linux drivers
for Conexant) during OLS and we had the driver working for the modem
used by Apple. It's still not fully tested and has some bugs, but
you can expect a preliminary package soon, it will be hosted along
with the other HCF and HSF drivers on Marc's page (sorry, I don't have
the URL at hand).

The core modem engine is binary only, but it's wrapped in a "shell"
driver which is opensource, meaning one can still recompile it for
a newer kernel version, so it isn't as bad as a completely binary


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