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[OT] New upstream dev version of mol with improved linux-on-linux support...

The developers have notified the general list that they have some major
changes in their bitkeeper sources that they would like tested.

I thought that people on debian-powerpc might be interested even if it
is slightly off-topic.

Full message with bk/rsync details..:

From: 	Samuel Rydh <samuel@ibrium.se>
Subject: 	Testing needed, Linux support
Date: 	16 Jun 2002 16:07:05 +0200
> I have recently pushed a major change to the MMU subsystem of MOL. 
> I would appreciate it if as many as possible could test the latest 
> BK/rsync version of MOL.
> The change was primarily targeted to speed up the performance of MOL 
> when unix-like operating systems is run within MOL (Linux, OS X). 
> However, there is some performance gain with MacOS classic too
> (I quick MacBench run indicated about 5% gain).

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