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Re: yaboot e.a. on IBM 7248-133 (PReP)?

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 11:46:38PM +0200, Gerhard Kroder wrote:
> Hi all,
> it's me again ;)
> How do i get woody booting from hd on this IBM PReP system? What
> happened until now:
> Gerhard Kroder wrote:
> > Last, but not least, i gave carolina_bootimage_2.2.18_with_fb a try,
> > workes fine instead of boot.bin. Currently i try to continue install
> > process with root.bin...
> After some weirdnesses with this, i finally have woody running  on my
> 7248-133. I still use these "carolina..." image, booting with a floppy
> disk. I couldn't get the "make bootable" option get done what is should
> during base floppy installation. So i looked around in the later running
> system and found man pages for yabootconfig, ybin, mkoboot ea. i created
> with yabootconfig a base /etc/yaboot.conf, added nonvram and fstype=raw,
> as man page tells. i created a bootable "typ 41" partiton of 2 mb with
> cfdisk during installation as /dev/sda1, which should then carry the
> bootloader i tried to install with mkoboot. But it didn't work. When
> rebooting, the systeme want to eat the original SMS floppy disk.
> So, how do i make my PReP system boot from HD? Is yaboot good for this?

It should be. Take a look at the boot-device OF variable using 


Is it something like hd:2,ofboot as mentioned in the mkofboot man page?
If not, you probably need to set it yourself using nvsetenv.

Hmmm, you said /dev/sda1, but on powerpc the first partition is reserved 
for the partition map. Maybe you should go back in with mac-fdisk instead
of cfdisk and make that /dev/sda2 (Probably will need to shave a bit off
the 2MB to let the partition map be sda1).

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