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Re: iBook and playing DVDs

On Thu, 2002-05-16 at 11:57, benh@kernel.crashing.org wrote:
> >> Doesn't xv support double buffer ?
> >
> >Some drivers (including r128 and radeon) do, but that just means that
> >the current image will be displayed on the next retrace after it has
> >been transferred to video RAM.
> Ok, so I beleive we can't blit asynchronously because the source
> buffer won't be availble to the X server upon exist from putimage ?
> If this is not that case, that is if X can still tap the source
> buffer upon exit from put image, it can do async blit transparently
> pretty easily.

The source buffer doesn't matter after we have filled the DMA buffers,
does it?

Anyway, I don't see any explicit synchronisation in the driver, so
probably the problem is the players calling XSync().

> In all cases, we would surely benefit some way to block on the interrupt
> instead of spin looping.


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