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Re: possiblity that usb<->serial converter works?

Yup, the USB support is pretty good.  I run a USB mouse and keyboard
just fine.  Check the archives, somebody here said they were using a
usb->serial adapter & minicom, so I'd imagine it's possible.

>>>>> "Rory" == Rory Campbell-Lange <rory@campbell-lange.net> writes:

    Rory> I'd like to run gnokii, software that manages nokia mobile
    Rory> phones, through my lombard powerbook running woody.

    Rory> The data cable for my mobile is the serial type.

    Rory> I'd like to know if woody (and the stock kernels) support
    Rory> usb ok, and if it is likely that I can use a usb-serial
    Rory> converter to connect with the phone ok.  -- Rory
    Rory> Campbell-Lange <rory@campbell-lange.net>
    Rory> <www.campbell-lange.net>

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To UNSUBSCRIBE, email to debian-powerpc-request@lists.debian.org
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