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Re: Testing woody on a IBM RS6000 B50


The B50/43P-150 systems are CHRP machines. Usually, any system with Open
Firmware is a CHRP machine. The older PCI based systems without OF are
PREP, and the even older Microchannel based systems are RS6K. The only
exception that I am aware of is the 43P-140. It does not have OF and is
from an architecture standpoint supposedly a mixture of PREP and CHRP.

I expect you will find that the CHRP rescue image will not work either.
That is what I found last time I tried. Unlike PREP, the image is not dd'ed
on to the floppy. The boot image is just copied to a dos formatted floppy.
I found that the boot image on the Debian ftp site was to big for the

To boot from floppy:
0> boot floppy:,\image_file_name

SuSE 7.3 can be booted from CD; however, I do not know exactly how it is

PS: As I have posted before, I know how to compile a kernel but I have
limited knowledge of how to build a RAM disk and bootable CDs. While I am
spending a fair amount of time trying to figure this out by reading various
FAQs and HOWTOs, if somebody already has images that they want tested I
would be glad to do so. I have access to pretty much all the various
RS/6000 and pSeries systems available.

PSS: If someone has technical questions pertaining to RS/6000 and pSeries
systems you can send them my way as well. I will forward them to the
internal Linux group.


Rolf Brudeseth
pSeries System Engineering & Integration, IBM Enterprise Systems Group
Austin, TX, Phone: 512-838-6558

Santiago Garcia Mantinan <manty@debian.org> on 04/19/2002 01:10:14 PM

To:    debian-boot@lists.debian.org
cc:    debian-cd@lists.debian.org, debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
Subject:    Testing woody on a IBM RS6000 B50


First of all, sorry for the crosspost, but I think that the message belongs
to all the three lists.

I'm trying to see if woody will work on one of this machines, they are
powerpc based, the one I have access to has a serial console, cdrom and

I read the Boot Floppies documentation where it says that the B50 is a prep
machine, so I put the prep rescue.bin on a floppy into the floppy drive and
a woody powerpc cd on the cdrom and made a couple of boot tries which went
more or less like this:

me:          0 > boot floppy
system:             ok
me:          0 > boot cdrom
system:            unrecognized Client Program formatstate not valid
system:             ok

Then I tried with a potato cdrom and got this:

me:          0 > boot cdrom
system:            PReP-BOOT : Unable to load PReP image.
system:             ok

Well, I've been talking for a while with hollis on #debianppc and he has
told me that the B50 is not prep but chrp. If anyone can confirm this the
doc should be changed to signify this.

On the doc it is also said that the chrp is untested and I think that if
this is really chrp then we should try to test it now that I can ;-)

Also it says:
Generally, all you will need is a high-density (1440 kilobytes) 3.5 inch
floppy drive.  For CHRP floppy support is currently broken.

I was gonna test chrp floppies on monday, can anybody confirm if they are
supposed to boot the machine or not?

I'd also like to know if the CDs are supposed to boot on CHRP systems or
not :-?

And I would welcome any tips like parameters for booting this machines or
anything that you can give me, I'm new to this architecture, so I know
nothing about it.

Thanks in advance!

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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