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OPera: Unable to use Java (fwd)

Here's the content of a discussion with Opera about using the Java plugin 
in the PPC version of Opera. Two things:

1) This person doesn't know when the PPC Linux version of Opera 6 will 
come out.
2) OPera only supports the Netscape 4 plugin interface. Blackdown's Java 
only comes with Netscape 6 and Mozilla. Is this a problem? Am I missing 
something to get a Netscape 4 plugin interface for Java?

Paul F. Pearson (ppearson@hiwaay.net)     http://home.hiwaay.net/~ppearson/
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 09:58:08 +0000
From: customerservice@opera.com
To: ppearson@hiwaay.net
Subject: (ID-number:99330) Unable to use Java

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>> For Netscape plugin and Java support, you need Opera 5.05 or newer. I
>> recommend that you download Opera 6.0 beta 1:
> According to the web page when I filled in the report, I'm using Opera
> 5.12. I assume this is later than 5.05. I would *love* to be using Opera 6
> on this computer; when will the Linux PPC version be available?

I am not sure, but Opera 6.0 will probably be ported when it goes final, if not sooner. No release date is available, though.

You are using Opera 5.0. I don't know why your profile says 5.12 - it does not detect this manually, so you must have set it to 5.12 at some point..?

>> http://www.opera.com/download/
>> Also see:
>> www.opera.com/support/supsearch/supsearch.cgi?options=index&name=700
> Thanks. I've seen the above page (as a matter of fact, I just referenced
> it to someone on a Linux mailing list). As I said, I appear to be using
> Opera 5.12. One issue, that I mentioned when submitting the help request,
> is that the Linux PPC port of Java only comes with Netscape6 and Mozilla
> plugins. Will OPera work with those?

No, we only support the Netscape 4 plugin interface...

Best regards,
Håvard K. Moen
Senior Technical Service Consultant, Opera Software
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