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Re: MESH testers

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

Can people who used to have problems with the MESH SCSI
controller (especially problem probing devices during boot
or problems when a bus reset occurs) try my current rsync ?

Excellent! I'm building now, and will test on a StarMax 3000/160 (~= pmac 4400) by the end of the day.

Oh no, my box is dying! It started with a hang, then the MacPicasso malfunctioned during MacOS reboot, then quit completely, the RTL8029 and RTL8139 network cards were reported as made by "Hyundai Electronics America" so the drivers wouldn't insmod (though 8139too worked for the "Hyundai Electronics America 8139"), and now the machines won't boot at all.

So I can't test the MESH driver.  Sorry! :-(

-Adam P.

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