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Re: MESH testers

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

Can people who used to have problems with the MESH SCSI
controller (especially problem probing devices during boot
or problems when a bus reset occurs) try my current rsync ?

I reworked the reset code to properly match what the "new"
SCSI layer expects, and added a recovery delay after the
initial bus reset to let slow devices settle down before
beeing probed (configurable in the kernel config or via
a module parameter).

Excellent! I'm building now, and will test on a StarMax 3000/160 (~= pmac 4400) by the end of the day. I have a SCSI scanner which has been unusable because (I think) of this problem: I get something like "MESH: target 6 aborted" on startup, and if I enable SCSI debugging, it is recognized (go figure), but stops working after one scan. I can't remember the details because it's been about two years since I got sufficiently frustrated to give up...

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Thank you,

-Adam P.

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