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Re: booting powebook g3 wallstreet with quik (help!)

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002 18:56:40 +0200, Adrian Cotfas <adrian.cotfas@progenitor.nu> wrote:
> Hi!
> I have installed debian potato on a powerbook g3 (wallstreet) but i cant figure out how to make the system boot from the hard drive! This is my first experience with powerpc platform so I really dont have a clue how to do this. I read documentation for quik but when trying to install i get
> the error message
> Fatal error: Couldnt locate partition 2 on /dev/hda
> I have the following setup (booting from cdrom for now)
> /dev/hda1 30MB boot partition ext2fs (not used, empty)
> /dev/hda2 2GB root partition ext2fs marked bootable
> partitions created with cfdisk and mke2fs used on them
> my quik.conf:
> root=/dev/hda2
> timeout=20
> image=/boot/vmlinux
> label=Linux
> read-only

i've done this (and still do) enough times so here goes:

ok, first, these set variables in your NVRAM, and they are kept there until you boot into macOS. macOS will reset these values that you set, for various reasons (that i won't get into here). BTW, do this from console, it's very different in OF, and easier to do it in console.

first, to tell your NVRAM (quik reads from this) which drive to read from. 

	nvsetenv boot-device "$(ofpath /dev/hda)0"

if you do echo $(ofpath /dev/hda)0 , it should point to your hard drive in the /proc dir.  for example, in my system, it would point to /bandit/gc/mesh/sda@1:0 . 

	nvsetenv boot-command foo (usually boot)

ok, this depends very much on your model, so i won't put anything there. usually it's boot, and that works fine, but i suggest that you go see http://netbsd.org/Ports/macppc and look around (on the links too) for your model of computer.
also, you can go see http://penguinppc.org/projects/quik for more info too.

	nvsetenv output-device bar 

same as above, depends on your computer. on mine it would be /chaos/control. this is the video display

	nvsetenv input-device kbd

i'm not sure if this is appropriate for a laptop, but i assume it is. (i don't mind if you go check, hint hint :-)

and then, you have to tell your bootloader - quik - to re-read your configs and the nvram. 

	quik -f

forces quik to re-read your new config - including /etc/quik.conf. make sure when you set all this up, that you hav nvramrc read set to true. get this by typing nvsetenv and it will give you a list of things. it's near the top, and should say something like:

	use-nvramrc? true

if it doesn't (it should) do:

	nvsetenv "use-nvramrc?" true

> I read something about setting OF variables, but dont know if and how to do so!
> Anyone willing to give a short step by step explanation of how to set things up?

all of these (except for quik -f , can be set from OF, but instead of nvsetenv, it's setenv, and you have to type out the whole string for your hard drive (/foo/bar/this/way/to/the/IDE/drive/OF ). 

> Thanks in advance!

no problem,

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