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Re: Install on a PowerMacintosh 7200/90

Follow the instructions on the Debian web site for installation:


I've successfully installed Linux on a 7200/90 in the past, though it wasn't Debian. Setting it up to boot without BootX was kind of a hassle, since the 7200's Open Firmware can only communicate with you through a serial cable (connected to another computer running a terminal emulator). However, I wasn't using Quik, which is likely to make the whole thing a lot easier:



Jean-Francois Gobin wrote:

Hello all,

I've given up for the E20 IBM and reinstalled AiX on it. Let's wait for
next release of debian.
Anyway, I found another worthy computer : PowerMacintosh 7200/90. Does
anyone know how to install linux on it and if I really need that stupid
little MacOS partition on the disk.
Thanks for help in advance,

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