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Wireless scheme switching (was Re: Re: Installation-Problem (no harddisk found))

On Sun, 2002-04-14 at 16:58, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> On Sun, 2002-04-14 at 16:43, Edd Dumbill wrote:
> > 
> > * wireless networking -- under PCMCIA you can make schemes so you can
> > easily switch been home and work.  I found no easy way of doing this yet
> > with the airport card.  Has anybody written anything for handling this? 
> > If not, I intend to spend some time writing scripts to handle the
> > airport card properly.
> There are several packages like intuitively to help with this,
> unfortunately I forget the names of most. :/

I checked out 'intuitively', and others like 'whereami'.  They all seem
to lack what I'm really after, which is support for wireless network
switching: you need to set up the wireless network name and access key
before you can get on the network in the first place.

So, unless I'm missing something big, I'll have a go at writing
something to support this.

-- Edd

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