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Re: Re: Installation-Problem (no harddisk found)

On Sun, 2002-04-14 at 14:26, Frederic Gobin wrote:
> It works !!!
> I copied the contents of the install/powerpc-dir to my mac partition,
> changed the yaboot.conf and boot it from OF ...
> The only that doesn't work is the key to eject CDs ...
ikeyd rocks for this.  I mention this in my recent O'ReillyNet article
on Debian and iBooks
<http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/mac/2002/03/29/ibook_linux.html> -- I
also owe the debian-powerpc mailing list a debt of thanks for
information I found here that helped me with installing Debian on my
iBook.  The article seemed to go down well (two of my friends are buying
iBooks as a result :) so hopefully we'll see even more people running
Debian on them.

There are some things I identified that I'd love neater solutions to:

* wireless networking -- under PCMCIA you can make schemes so you can
easily switch been home and work.  I found no easy way of doing this yet
with the airport card.  Has anybody written anything for handling this? 
If not, I intend to spend some time writing scripts to handle the
airport card properly.

* keymaps -- it took me some time to get the keymap I wanted for my
UK-spec iBook (particularly I want the pound-sign and Euro-sign printed
on the keycaps to do the right thing.)  Among other things, I had to use
the Irish Euro locale, as there's no UK Euro locale, and I also hacked
up an xkb map.  I'd love to see Debian have more direct support for
these keyboards.  I sent my xkb files to Branden, just in case, but I'm
not sure exactly what I expected him to do with them :)

* external video -- I currently get a very wavy picture on my external
CRT using m3mirror to switch on the VGA output.  From what I can see on
the mailing lists, it looks like we're still some time away from a
solution to this problem. As I present at conferences with a projector
I'm *really* hoping that either the projector can cope with the peculiar
sync signal, or that someone will find the way to get the external
output going :)

cheers  -- Edd

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