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Re: Device name for internal modem on new G4 machine?

On Sun, 2002-04-14 at 11:54, William Brennan wrote:
> Then I went searching through the mail archives to see what other people 
> have asked and was prompted by one message to type "modprobe macserial", 
> so I tried that.  The result of entering the command was:
> macserial: i2c-modem detected, id= 1
> PowerMac Z8530 serial driver version 2.0
> tty00 at 0x305bo20 (irq=22) is a Z8530 ESCC (internal modem)
> tty01 at 0x3062000 (irq=23) is a Z8530 ESCC


The output from the driver loading is a little odd.

Just add macserial to the end of /etc/modules (Or use modconf to find
it), and remeber to enable macserial as a module in the macintosh device
drivers section if you rebuild your kernel.

David Stanaway

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