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Re: Installation-Problem (no harddisk found)

On Sat, 2002-04-13 12:57:39 +0200, Frederic Gobin <frederic.gobin@web.de>
wrote in message <[🔎] 200204131057.g3DAvdv01538@mailgate5.cinetic.de>:
> First, the Hardware : iBook (the one with a 14,1" display)
> Now, the problem :
>  - Booting from cd ... works
>  - Have to type "debian video=ofonly" at the "boot:"-prompt ... works
>  - Kernel start ... works
>  - Installer starts ... works
>  - opening a console ... works
>  - Enter "fdisk /dev/hda" ... ERROR
>  "mac-fdisk: can't open file '/dev/hda'  (Device not configured)
> Whats going wrong ?

i have the rescent 12.1" variant, there is ab problem in the linux ide
driver which prevents accessing the diskt when a media is in the cd-rom
dive while booting, you mast copy the install-files to a hfs partition
and boot into the installer via open firmware from harddisk. I Installed
three iBooks this way and it succeeded. perhaps the cd-image i used tu
carry the files to these iBooks helps you, you find it at


it also includes fixed german keybord maps (the ones in woody lack the
ALT-GR mapping, so you can't type @ or ~)


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