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Converting from YDL to Debian/Yaboot and Partitions

Hey all,
 I am going to be embarking on switching to Debppc from YDl and have a few 
questions I want to clarify:

Deb instructions specify a 800k boot-strap partition as the absolute first 
partition on the harddrive, yet YDL specifies a 10mb(admited overkill) boot 
strap partition as first partition _after_ Mac OS partitions. Since they both 
use Yaboot, wont the partition structure from the existing YDL install work? 
If not, I was not aware you could put something like OSX on first and still 
be able to leave a tiny partition unaffected at the beginging of the disc for 
use as a boot strap partition. Could someone clarify this for me? Or point me 
at a better install reference than:


Having just checked the Yaboot how to, it would seem the later is correct and 
that it need only be the first of the "linux" partitions, and not the first 
of the whole disk.

Yaboot howto says the bootstrap only takes up 800K, but doesnt say one way or 
another that the partition need be a set size. So I guess this comes down to 
a single question:

is there a size limitation to the boot-strap partition? Since mine, for YDL, 
already exists, but is bigger than 800K, will it still be ok to use with 


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