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[Fwd: Bug#141769: install problems]

This came up on debian-boot, I thought I would spread it to powerpc :)

David Stanaway

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package: install
release: 2.2.3

Hi there,

I have followed the install procedure for the prep method v1.1 15 oct 1999
when installing debian linux.

I have tried the release from 23 januari 2000 on a Motorola system with
ppcbug firmware and on a Motorola system with an open firmware.
The ppcbug machine hangs after a succesfull install and rebooting. (last
messages on the screen are the initialisation of the tty ports)
The openfimware machine "hangs" after a succesfull install and rebooting
with the following message
kernel panic: VFS:unable to mount rootfs on 08:01
rebooting in 180 seconds.
It seems that the bootstring is not accepted (boot hdisk0

When I try to install the potato release on the machine with open firmware
the ncr controller hangs while waiting for a serial_number_timeout.
About this problem there is a question in the faq related to an IBM E20

Can anyone help me out here please ?


Ronald Iemenschot

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