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Booting an IBM E20

Hello all,

I can't find any pointers, so I'm writting in here. 

I just rescued an IBM RS/6000 E20 7024 (with 384 MB RAM, 4 SCSI HD, DDS
TAPE, CDROM, IN board SCSI NCR53c825 and additionnal SCSI NCR53c825
contr) from crushing.

When I boot it with debian PReP images (TFTP), It hangs after the internal
SCSI controller (which has an IRQ of 0!!!). Well hanging is not really
exact. After a long long long time, it loops writing resetting,
timeout_serial_number and so on. 

If I put ncr53x8xx=safe:y, it hangs. 

I've tried removing the scsi controller, removing all devices, nothing to
be done. 

I guess it has something to do with the fact that the internal SCSI
controller is on the PCI BUS #1 ?

Any idea ? 


Jean-Francois Gobin - Administrateur gobinjf.be
http://www.gobinjf.be   mailto:gobin@gobinjf.be

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