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debootstrap error installing woody on Powerbook G3

I am doing (or attempting to do) a net install of woody using the latest boot new-powermac floppies (files dated April 2nd) on my Powerbook G3 (Pismo). (500Mhz, 640MB ram, 10gig free for linux)
All seems to go fine until it configuring device drivers. When I select 'Next' it pauses a moment and skips straight to installing the base system and then while installing base system I get "debootstrap exited with an error (return value 139)".
Looking in /var/log/messages there is one user.err massage about "del_loop ioctl got negative result doing LOOP_CLR_FD on device /dev/loop0; this is probably not a big deal"
Anyone have any suggestions what might be going wrong, or how I can debug further?
I did a week or two back manage to install using the powermac floppies, but the resulting installation was too unstable to use for much, hence the attempt to start over using new-powermac.

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