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Re: "at" character in X

Hello Daniel,

seems that you have already a problem on the console. Try dpkg-reconfigure console-data to select a proper keymap for your keyboard. Then all characters should work in console. I have the following console packages installed (woody):

I don't have a directory /usr/share/keyboard - if you meant /usr/share/keymaps, let me say that i don't hacked anything in the keymaps, also my xkb directory is in the original state as installed.

The XF86Config-4 which is working accelerated and with the right keyboard on my powerbook g4 is attached.

Hope it helps,

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On Wednesday, April 3, 2002, at 09:40 PM, Daniel Schlager wrote:

thank you Daniel
but they doesn't work

i have this problem about 3 months long

i would like to use linux as my base system for working, programming
but i cannot use my linux without this characters

i'm upgraded to xfree 4 and installed the new packages for console-tools and console-common (this is very faster then the framebuffer x)

i use debian woody

after this i'm lost my german keymap in the console
then i copied the /usr/share/keymap/de...latin....nodeadkeys to /etc/console-tools and /etc/console/boottime...
but they doesn't work

please can you send me your XF86Config-4 and the xkb directory + /usr/share/keyboard



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