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Re: No fnset in pmud-utils?

On 2 Apr 2002, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> > and fnset is missing indeed. If you think it easier to add yet another
> > package instead of having fnset added to powerpc-utils, go ahead. Keep in
> > mind that no new packages are added to woody at this time.
> I was thinking of moving the powermac-only tools from pmud-utils and
> powerpc-utils to powermac-utils. I've also written a config file for

The pmud-utils tools are, by definition, PowerMac only. But adding them
to powermac-utils would incur a dependency on pmud which most PowerMacs
won't really need. Please keep it stupid simple (you can use a suggests or
recommends type dependency but 'depends' comes with the potential for
conflicts of some sort so I'd warn against that.

> them, with startup scripts, was planning on maybe doing a GTK+ config
> GUI for it as well.

That's all fine. I'm just wary of kitchen-sink packages that pull in the
whole distribution by means of dependency.

> Indeed, no new packages in woody... that sucks, maybe we should wait
> until after it to split it ? Or do you have another idea ?

Wait, or get fnset added to powerpc-utils for the time being (package
updates are still fine AFAIK).


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