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abiword testing package (0.99.2+cvs.2002.02.25) : powerpc binaries

Hi everybody

I've compiled the testing version of abiword for powerpc from the debian sources. If anyone is interested I've put the binary (& modified sources) packages on :


with a diff file that documents the few changes I did against the original debian sources.

(I've also mailed the (hopefully right) abiword package maintener about it. But since my packages probably don't respect the debian guidelines, I'm afraid they can't be put "as is" on the debian ftp site.)



Francois Taiani              LAAS-CNRS (http://www.laas.fr)
+33 (0) 561 336 406          Dependable Computing
http://www.laas.fr/~ftaiani  and Fault Tolerance

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