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Debian in PowerMac 9600

    I am trying to install Debian (Potato) in Powermac 9600 - 250

    In the past I had YellowDog install properly in the same machine.
However, I am really having a hard time making things work with Debian.
    Number 1 problem is with BootX, that will not boot unless I have the
"no video driver" checked.  It just hangs up with the MacOS window still
open.  I tried a series of combinations with the video=XXX option, but
it refuses to work.  The video card in the machibe is a Matrox
    Once it boots everything will start, until xdm.  The screen flashes
3 times, and I don't get a xwindows manager to start (no error
messages). I just get a login prompt.  If I try to open a window manager
from the command line I get an error: "cannot open display (null)".
Even if I get into csh, and try to setenv DISPLAY to that specific
machine,  I sill get the "cannot open display (null)" error.
     Any ideas?


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