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Re: Problems installing quik on Powermac 7200/90

On  14 Mar, this message from Mark Baumann echoed through cyberspace:
>> Try also
>> nvsetenv boot-file Linux         <-- the name of the label in quik.conf
> This worked. It boots (2 beeps) but only one time if I want to reboot it,
> its dead  again (1 beep)

2 beeps is OF changing configuration. I have no idea what it's doing
that needs a second chime...

As to why it doesn't boot the second time, I can only imagine that the
backup battery might be empty... Booting back to MacOS will reset OF's
settings, though.

Does it chime twice at every boot with your
boot-variables-resetting-script? If so, then some variables do indeed
get reset to default values.



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