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Re: Sound on Tanzania, and life with Apple Open Firmware

On Tue, 2002-03-12 at 12:26, benh@kernel.crashing.org wrote:
> > Sounds working just great on my Tanzania/4400, I'm just curious.  On the
> >> MB, I see a Crystal chip that looks like it should be sound, but no such
> >> device shows up on the PCI bus.  In fact, I haven't been able to find
> >> any sign of having a sound device.  
> >> 
> >> But the dmasound driver loads, and it plays music *better than it did in
> >> it's life as a Macintosh. (???)
> >> 
> >> Does anyone know how this works? 
Thanks...This points me in a direction to satisfy my curiousity.  I
couldn't help but note that this old slow machine plays mp3s really
well.  I'm quite new to the mac platform (at least as seen from linux.)
Overall I'm pretty impressed with the performance I get.  I run Gnome on
it, forwarded to a PC with a MUCH better Matrox G200 graphics card. 
Perfdormance is quite snappy, until I run out of ram and hit the SLOW
IDE bus. So I suppose I will fill it up with RAM, as it's fairly
reasonable on crucial.com right now. I get surprising performance from
the network interface, I've been relativly pleased, even though I
forward X out, and mount NFS onto this machine.

This Debian port rocks!
> The sound bus comes out of the mac-io ASIC (ohare on your Tanzania). This
> ASIC contains various things in one PCI device (interrupt controller,
> sound bus, IDE, etc...). The AWACS chip is connected to that bus.
> Ben.
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