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adb mouse works, finally

Title: adb mouse works, finally

I went wandering around on google (yet again), and I found a web page from a few years ago (talking about kernel version 2.2.13), and this guy was talking about a kernel update to that version. Well, anyway, on his page he talked about various configs he had done, including some for X, for a B&W G3. Now, there are various pages all over the Web that talk about this, but none as precise as this one. The config he had was "Protocol "IMPS/2"" and "Device "/dev/input/mice"" . I tried it out - this time a had a feeling it would work. So I type startx, wait for it to completely load into core, and  voilà! a working mouse. Now all I have to do is set up the mouse button emulation (which he has on the page too). There are laso a couple of files there that people with non-US keyboards may want (although I think they came with the 2.2.19 distro, except for the ISO-FR, plus mappings to get them working on a Canadian ISO keyboard - which I may use to map out my CSA keyboard).

Well, I thought I tell the list, since I bugged people here so much with this, and also for the record, so folks who get this similar problem can find it in the list archives :). Thanks to all who helped :)


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