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Re: mice and x

on 25/02/2002 12:57, Chris Tillman at tillman@voicetrak.com wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 03:50:58PM -0500, eric.s.cote@sympatico.ca wrote:
>> Cool, thanks for the tip. I have tried /dev/input/mice, but maybe it'll work
>> this time with the dpkg-reconfigure. (hopefully). Seeing the desktop is like
>> seeing something you want, but there's a 6 inch piece of glass blocking you
>> from touching it.
> You might also try disabling gpm. I understand it can interfere with X if
> not set up right.

oh, ok. It (gpm) works fine in the debian console, but when I go into X, it
does nothing. (I said this before, sorry) Ok, so when I've already started
up, how do I kill an app that's been loaded by the init.d stuff? is it
"killall -HUP [name of app/daemon]"?

I tried dpkg-reconfigure, it didn't work. It told me that debconf wasn't
installed or not ...(something)..., which it is. I assume I can do some
config work within the window manager's environment, but how would you
config the WM outside that environment? The only tip I got from the man
pages was "you can configure ... inside the window manager...". I also tried
letting the WM set the mouse config, and all it did was change the /dev/
file in such a way that the symlink file pointing to it broke (and it was
/dev/adbmouse, BTW, just re-named to "|gpmdata").

Oh and how does one launch GNOME? Do you have to have an X server already
running? I try launching "gnome-session" and all it does is "... ERROR 111
CANNOT CONNECT TO HOST ...". Sorry for all the dumb newbie questions.


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