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Re: Flash

On Mon, 2002-02-25 at 04:57, John Hughes wrote:
    Is there anything in the near future that says we( the ppc linux community) 
    will ever get Flash that works? Mostly I have just chosen to ignore sites 
    that use flash and don't provide an alternative.....just sorta figured I need 
    em, if thats how they are gonna make their website. Unfortunately, I have 
    recently switched from skiing to snowboarding....and litteraly every 
    snowboarding site and manufacturer uses flash...I mean pretty much ALL of 
    them. Which is making my life less than ideal. 
    So, is there any hope at all?? Any?  thanks

There is that GPL flash plugin, but it only does some older version of
flash, and has limitations too. Not really up to the task for sites like
you mention. Those tend to use all the latest bells and whistles..

One option is to run MacOnLinux (mol) - MSIE on macos9 runs flash fine.
Not an ideal solution, but better than rebooting to native macos anyway.
There is a .deb of mol in debian/unstable atleast. See
www.maconlinux.net for more info.


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