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mice and x

ok, I've got a problem of my own. I finally figured out how to get X working
(I'm using enlightenment as a window manager). Nice desktop BTW. Anyhow, my
mouse isn't working. The mouse works fine in the linux console - with the
gpm package - but I haven't a clue why it isn't working in X. I'm pointing X
at /dev/input/mice, and I don't have the adbmouse driver for some strange
reason. I've read the list archives, but the closest solution I've read that
may work needs the /dev/adbmouse driver.

I know I said I didn't need that driver, *blush* but, I'll ask again if
anyone has it, or where can I extract it from?

Another is that I'm using a quasi-ISO ADB keyboard - CSA - and I'm using the
u.s. layout cuz that's the only one working. I was wondering if there was a
package that added more layouts, and if not, what layout can I use to get
some sort of close approximation to the layout? In Mac OS the closest would
be ISO or French, but I'm not too sure.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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