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Re: [Debian-PowerMacs]Installation on Imac 600Mhz

on 24/02/2002 16:07, Ramiro Checa García at rajastan@mac.com wrote:

> Hello,
> I have an IMAC 600 and I want install Debian 2.2r5. I have several
> partitions:
> /dev/hda1   partition map
> /dev/hda2   driver 4.3
> /dev/hda3   driver 4.3
> /dev/hda4   Apple_Driver_ATA
> /dev/hda5   Apple_Driver_ATA
> /dev/hda6   Apple_FWDriver
> /dev/hda7   Apple_Driver_IOKit
> /dev/hda8   Apple_Patches
> /dev/hda9,10,11 Apple_HFS (hda9 with MacOS 9, hda11 with MacOS X)
> /dev/hda12  Apple_HFS
> /dev/hda13  Apple_Bootstrap (46Mb)
> /dev/hda14  Apple_UNIX_SVR2 swap (300mb)
> /dev/hda15  Apple_UNIX_SVR2 / (2.9GB)

it's this you should point at with the command (in that shell u invoke from
the installer). type: nvsetenv 'ofpath /dev/hda15' . that should tell the
kernel (?) or whatever it is that that's the root boot, and it should boot
into linux from the HDD.

the swap is just a long series of blocks, used as virtual memory. you may
have to see the "... partition table" (the exact command i don't remember)
before you you do the nvsetenv thing, to have the bootloader detect the
partitions correctly, but that should work. it works on an old world 7500
anyway. (this is all from the install manual).

btw, if you want to edit something on the HDD from that installer, you type
"cd target" from the shell, and you can see the stuff installed (i've had to
do that to edit my init.d stuff...).

i don't have a clue what to do with a new world PM, but i'm sure the new
world folks on the list can help with that. that iMac of yours is a new
world powermac, so don't do what i just typed, unless you have an older
powermac running debian lying around ;).


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