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Installation on Imac 600Mhz


I have an IMAC 600 and I want install Debian 2.2r5. I have several partitions:

/dev/hda1			partition map
/dev/hda2			driver 4.3
/dev/hda3			driver 4.3
/dev/hda4			Apple_Driver_ATA
/dev/hda5			Apple_Driver_ATA
/dev/hda6			Apple_FWDriver
/dev/hda7			Apple_Driver_IOKit
/dev/hda8			Apple_Patches
/dev/hda9,10,11	Apple_HFS (hda9 with MacOS 9, hda11 with MacOS X)
/dev/hda12		Apple_HFS
/dev/hda13		Apple_Bootstrap (46Mb)
/dev/hda14		Apple_UNIX_SVR2	swap	(300mb)
/dev/hda15		Apple_UNIX_SVR2	/	(2.9GB)
/dev/hda16		Apple_UNIX_SVR2	/usr	(2.9GB)
/dev/hda17		Apple_HFS			(non HFS+, for interchange)

	I reboot with CD and I install Base System.... but at the end I choose:

"Execute a Shell"

But I don´t now how can I configure a yaboot, or ofboot, or mkofboot, or ybin... I'm lost because I'm a beginner with this things. I'm trying differents things to configure this but after I try reboot and i can´t reboot Debian (or reboot holding "alt" and I can´t see Debian icon, only see MacOS 9 and X icons to choose what system I want launch...)

	Could somebody help me?

	(And Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Spain)

	Thanks, Ramiro.

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