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Re: Noisy HD of an iBook

On Feb 22 2002, Michael Hope wrote:
> It could depend on who the original manufacturer of the drive is.

	Yes, I thought about that, but didn't explicitly say so. This
	was implicit in me saying that the HD had a 20GB of space.

> After a HDD failure it now has a Toshiba inside it, which is quieter
> in normal operation but has a noisy 'clunk' when the heads park
> shortly after an operation.

	Wow, that's *exactly* the behaviour of my Toshiba in my oooold
	Compaq Armada V300.

> I had another Toshiba drive that did the same thing, so I guess it's
> a feature.

	So, seeing the evidences, it would seem that is a sensible

> My iBook FW at work started out with a very noisy IBM drive - this
> thing had about three different sets of noises it made and would
> change through them during the day.

	I didn't pay that much attention to the different noises, but
	I recognized only two: one during sequential reads and the
	other during random reads. But again, I didn't pay too much

> It would be interesting to see (using hdparam) who makes your drive.
> Bets on it being IBM.

	You hit the nail on the head! Exactly. I didn't check it right
	now (it's not here), but that was one the first things I
	noticed when I booted linux on the iBook.

	So, I guess that it is a sad fact of life that I'll have to
	endure this with the iBook... :-(

	Thank you very much for your assistance, Roger...

  Rogério Brito - rbrito@ime.usp.br - http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito/

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