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Re: Noisy HD of an iBook

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On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, [iso-8859-1] Rogério Brito wrote:

> On Feb 22 2002, Woo-il Song wrote:
> > My HDD seems to be *a little* noisy after I've changed filesystem
> > from ext2 to ext3. Do you use ext3?
> 	Well, first of all, let me say that the noises the HD is
> 	producing are similar to the noises produced by a Desktop HD
> 	when its head is jumping in non-sequential reads.

It could depend on who the original manufacturer of the drive is.  My
iBook FW started out with a nice and quiet Fujutisu.  After a HDD failure
it now has a Toshiba inside it, which is quieter in normal operation but
has a noisy 'clunk' when the heads park shortly after an operation.  I had
another Toshiba drive that did the same thing, so I guess it's a feature.
My iBook FW at work started out with a very noisy IBM drive - this thing
had about three different sets of noises it made and would change through
them during the day.

It would be interesting to see (using hdparam) who makes your drive.  Bets
on it being IBM.

- -- Michael

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